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Top 5 reasons to Teach English in Korea:

#5 - Free return airfare to Korea for most job postings!
#4 - Take in the amazing Korean culture!
#3 - Save lots of money with FREE RENT and low cost of living!
#2 - Native English speakers with a 4 year degree are already qualified!
#1 - GET PAID doing what you LOVE to do!


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Teaching English in Korea is an extremely rewarding experience. Most take advantage of this opportunity to not only help locals learn English, but also to experience a unique culture and people.

The Government of South Korea increasingly wants more people to teach English in Korea and provides many ‘perks’ to those that do so (including 2 years tax free income and one month salary severance pay after a 1 year contract).

More than any other reason though, the opportunity to teach English in Korea means you get to fly free, live free, AND earn a tax free income meaning you get an amazing living and learning opportunity and then return home with all your hard earned money saved!

In fact, Steve Scarr, Co-Founder of Pandaloop, has over 5 years of personal and practical experience teaching English in Korea. It is because if his own experiences in South Korea that the vision of Pandaloop was born and we want to share the beauty that is Korea with you.

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