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  • Workplace Reviews: Research and review ESL/EFL workplaces, before signing any contracts, in the FREE Pandaloop ESL Employer and Recruiter Directory. Protect yourself from shady employers by reading what others have to say about them. Help your fellow teachers by contributing your knowledge and experiences.
  • Detailed Job Search: Find your ideal job quickly using the Pandaloop detailed search. You can search for as much or as little as you want, including: salary, location, start date, and many more!
  • Fast and Easy Applications: Apply for the job you have been looking for in only a few clicks! You choose what information you will provide by quickly reviewing your pre-populated account information on the application form. You can even use your saved resume and add a customized cover letter!
  • Save Your Detailed Searches: Save time by saving one or more searches that you can use to filter the latest jobs to meet your detailed requirements. You can even save your searches to job alerts that email you when new jobs match what you're looking for.
  • Submit Your Resume: Upload your resume and have employers find you before they make their job public! Managing your resume(s) is easy and lets you control what information you give out.
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  • Qualified Teachers: Highly qualified and professional teachers value the powerful features of the Pandaloop advanced listing engine. This means more qualified teachers will see and apply for your jobs!
  • 100% Money Back Guarantee: Receive a qualified application for your job post within 50 days or we will refund your money! We are committed to ensuring you receive maximum advertising value!
  • Use Application Pre-Screening Questionaires: Save time by using pre-screening questionaires to instantly let teachers know if they meet your job's specific requirements or not. Create a number of questionaires to choose from when posting a job. You can even filter applications by their passing scores.
  • Feature Your Jobs and Business: Receive more teacher exposure by prominently highlighting your jobs and business on the home page and in search results. More business exposure means more exposure for all of your jobs and more job exposure means more qualified teacher applications!
  • Qualified Teacher Resumes in Your Inbox: (Coming Soon!) Search for resumes in the resume database when you need them or have new resumes delivered to your email inbox as soon as they become available. The Pandaloop advanced listing engine makes it easy to find the qualified teachers that meet your job's specific needs.
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