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Business Type: Recruiter

Address: #902 LGECLAT, 736-24, Yeksam 1dong, GangNam-Gu Seoul-si, South Korea  
Phone: 82-2-553-2018
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Askways recruiting is looking for open minded, easy going individuals, who have an enthusiastic and positive attitude to fill various positions around Seoul and other areas. Here at Askways we are committed to helping our client both during the process of attaining employment in Korea as well as after the client has landed a job. Many recruitment agencies are focused on getting as many individuals through the process of finding jobs only. Here at Askways recruiting we are not an “ESL teacher factory” but aspire to go above and beyond what other agencies offer by not only personally helping you throughout the hiring process, but also helping you throughout your stay in Korea.


 Askways recruiting is dedicated to personally ensuring that your transition to teaching and living in Korea is as easy and straight forward as possible.


We are committed to ensure that:


1. All information will be provided to you in a direct and clear manner.

 2. Your private information will always remain confidential.

3. If there are any problems with your work or social life (bank account, cell phone, trip planning, medical problems etc.), we will gladly offer our help to you and will work diligently to resolve your issue as soon as possible.

 4. We will assist you in finding recreational activities such as joining sports teams, volunteering, and finding dinner and nightlife activities etc during you stay in Korea.

 5. We put forth our best efforts to ensure that you have the best possible experience while in Korea.




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