About Pandaloop.com

We have only one mission at Pandaloop.com. That is,

    to connect high quality English teachers with recruiters and ESL jobs in Korea.

How we accomplish that mission is a matter of having “been there and done that”. With more than 4 years experience teaching English in Korea, the founders of Pandaloop realized that the current system was inadequate and would eventually result in a shortage of ESL teachers in Korea. There were just too many “unknowns” that could create a less-than-perfect situation for both teaching institutions and ESL teachers.

Changes were needed. Pandaloop.com was born.

  • Pandaloop.com enables potential English teachers in Korea to be more informed about a prospective employer before signing a contract and traveling overseas.

  • Pandaloop.com enables potential employers and recruiters to find qualified and reliable candidates who wish to teach English in Korea.

Pandaloop.com has greatly improved upon the old system, ensuring that all of the parties involved; the prospective employers, the ESL teacher recruiters and those who are seeking ESL jobs in Korea are more fully informed and have access to those resources necessary to make an informed decision.

Pandaloop.com is the only resource of its kind. Former and current English teachers in Korea are given the opportunity to review those institutions for which they have worked, completely anonymously, ensuring a candid and honest review. This process should also encourage those sub-standard employers to make improvements to their programs, further expanding the number of high quality employers available for those who dream of travel, combined with the satisfying job of teaching English in Korea.

No more unpleasant surprises!

You just can’t lose when you partner with Pandaloop.com!